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          FINALLY, IT'S HERE! A tool to effectively eradicate blackheads, dead skin and dirt, achieving the flawless skin you deserve!

          Awful chemicals are attacking your face constantly. You can't dispose of those whiteheads and comedones with just simple facial washes. Cosmetics scraps, extreme oiliness, and dust are stopping up your pores and causing different skin imperfections.

          This innovative facial device is made with a premium quality stainless steel blade which exerts 30,000Hz per second of ultrasonic waves that are very effective in loosening clogged pores and perfect in exfoliating dead skin cells without any pain at all!

          Our Facial Skin Scrubber is equipped with the latest facial Microderm system that is known to be very effective in removing facial imperfections like blackheads, acne marks, and whiteheads. It delivers gentle yet effective dermabrasion to unfold the freshest skin you have been waiting for.

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