Musclemax Buttock Trainer

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Achieve fuller and firmer buttocks!

It uses wave impulses to stimulate the hip muscle movements and lift the hips to make them plump and elastic. Achieve firm and well-built muscles! It works great on droop, flat and non-symmetrical buttocks. Train your hips and buttocks effectively now!

  • Self-training- no side effects, easy to use and the results are amazing!
  • It has 15 stimulation levels- can be adjusted by using the (+ and -) buttons.
  • It automatically shuts off 5 seconds after being taken off of the body.
  • Easy to assemble- with two press buckles on the controller.
  • Ideal for shaping buttocks, firming skin, minimize cellulite, build muscles, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.


  1. Never use it near the ear, mouth or on sensitive skin
  2. Never use it while drinking, sleeping or taking a bath
  3. Should not be used if you are pregnant, have an implant near the device, have a cardiac arrhythmia or any disorder of the heart's impulse and conduction system
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