Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner

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Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner

Make Your Leather Furniture As Good As New!

Do you want to refurbish and make your furniture new and shiny again?

Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner is the best solution! Healing Balm is in its element when it is giving new life to worn-out leather and mending together an unsightly scratch or scar. If you’ve got an old leather handbag you’d like to furnish with a few stubborn scrapes or a worn-out couch that’s cracked at the surface from neglect – Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner is the precision fixer-upper you need.

[High Quality] - Our car plastic/leather refurbishment are made from eco-friendly materials, using an oil-free formula, safe and odor-free, you can use it with confidence, without having to worry about the pungent smell.

[Multifunction and Portable] - Our leather repair cleaners not only prevent fading, discoloration and damage to harmful UV rays but also prevent dust and stains. easy to carry.

[Wide Use] - Our curing agents provide excellent UV protection for any rubber, finished leather, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, PVC, gel coat and fiberglass surfaces. Brighten the surface to make it looks newer.

Item is delivered in random color.

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