Mini Portable Handheld Sewing Machines

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Stitch damages easily without taking your clothes off!

          Sew damages on clothes, bedding, drapes, and more with this handheld sewing machine! Very easy to use and it's cordless. This handheld sewing machine is compact and portable; excellent for on-the-spot repairs and is handy and powerful.

          • Repair drapes without taking them down; repair clothing without taking it off; repair bedding without stripping the bed and so much more.
          • Small, handy, lightweight, convenient, portable, easy to carry around
          • Portable and compact, excellent for on-the-spot repairs
          • Great for silks, denim, wool, leather, and crafts
          • Requires four AA batteries or a power adaptor(not included)
                • Material: Plastic&Metal
                • Battery-powered (4 AA batteries not included)
                • Dimensions: approx. 20cm x 3cm x 6.5cm(Length x Width x Height)
                • Package includes: 1 x Sewing machine;1 x Bobbin With Thread and Needle
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