Flexible Pedicure Supporting Board

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Flexible Pedicure Supporting Board

Your all-in-1 pedi station!

Tired of placing yourself into unbelievable positions just to get you toenails done? Then worry no more!

The Flexible Pedicure Supporting Board puts your foot into the ideal position to achieve perfect pedicure time right at home… securely and serenely.

Say goodbye to pricy Pedicure services in spas… for good. Spares heft amount of money doing your own toenail effectively and most comfortable way you have ever been!

3 Ways to Use:

          Flexible Pedicure Supporting Board can be placed on any stable surface (a bench, chair or even the floor). Just top it on a folded towel placed on the back portion of the Board to make it stable. It can also be used underneath the cushion on your chair or couch. Be sure to push it all the way into the “Insert Here” line. This positions the foot perfectly for a comfortable pedicure.

          Those with less flexibility can place the board between a mattress and box spring, making sure to push it all the way under to the “Insert Here” line. Your body weight and the mattress will secure the board in place.

          Storage and Task Light Included:

                  Storage space is located on either side of the Board which is perfect for keeping your pedicure tools like clippers, files, and cuticle pushers or even your favorite nail color. The pull out compartment in front will catch any color polish leaks or nail clippings.

                  Any time of the day... whether Day or night there you will have the perfect light to see well enough for your pedicure. The Flexible Pedicure Supporting Board includes a super bright LED task light to brighten up your toes.

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