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Clean every nook in your house and car effortlessly!

Having trouble cleaning narrow spaces in your house? Trouble no more! You can now clean those difficult to clean places with this Dust Cleaning Sweeper. It has strong micro-size suction tubes which easily pick up dust.

  • Flexible Tube - Its brush has long and flexible tubes that can be widely used in so many occasions, such as corners, keyboards, shutters, vents, drawers, furniture, cars, etc. 
  • Pets - It can also clean your pet hair. It has a gentle touch that your pets would be very comfortable with.
  • Easy to Install & Easy to Use - Install it in no time, and have no trouble using it! 
  • Compatible with almost all types of Vacuum Cleaner - It can be attached to almost any kinds of vacuum cleaner for easy access and much easier use. 

How to Use (Step by Step):

  • Plug into a universal adapter that has come with it.
  • Attach to vacuum attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Begin to clean anything with dust.
  • Remove attachment and put it back to the box. (optional)
  • Total Length: 12.5 in
  • Width: 1.7 in
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces

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