Cookie Star - Máquina de Fazer Biscoito

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Cookie Star - Máquina de Fazer Biscoito

Create cookies in various shapes easily!

Have a family bonding time as you enjoy cookies together! Now you can easily make a perfectly shaped cookie with the Cookie Star!

Making cookies has never been so simple! But with the Cookie Star, you can simply place it directly on the baking sheet and lower the lever to make biscuits with the perfect shape. It will save you time and you will fill the entire baking dish with delicious cookies in a matter of minutes!

Note:  1 full cookie maker will allow you to prepare up to 20-25 large biscuits or 35-40 small biscuits

    • Simple and convenient design that makes cooking fast and fun 
    • Prepare cookies easily and quickly
    • The ergonomic mold of the Biscuit Making Machine is made of anodized aluminum so that no residue is thrown into the dough. 
    • Decorate bowls, desserts, sandwiches, canapés, recheie donuts, etc.
    • Make 1000 different cookies using various pasta types and decorate them according to your preference


    Package includes:
    • 1 x Biscuit Machine 
    • 4 x Nozzles 
    • 20 x Molds
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