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Protect your vehicle from any hazards!

Protect your vehicle from scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder & UV! This Ceramic Glass Coating provides an excellent combination of protection and shine. The base provides water beading and sheeting properties. It has a high water contact angle to help ensure your vehicle stays dry. 

Thanks to super-hydrophobic (or water repellent) properties achieved via nanotechnology, your car/bike stays clean longer, fewer efforts while washing your car.

        • Scratch Proof
        • Fire and Flame Retardant
        • Anti-Corrosion
        • Antioxidant
        • Antistatic
        • Anti-acids and salts
        • Anti Bird Poop
        • Anti mud & dirt
        • Excellent high glass effect-mirror finish
        • Anti Calcium Effect
        • UV - Weather Protection
        • Hydro Phobic Water-repelling
        • Material Type: Polysiloxane and other Nanomaterials
        • Model Name: Motorcycle/Car liquid ceramic coat
        • Item Weight: 146g
        • Item Volume: 30mL
          Packaging includes:
          • 1 x 30 mL bottle of liquid ceramic coating
          • 1 x Sponge
          • 1 x Dust-free cloth rag
          • 1 x user manual
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