Car Adventure Game Toy

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Car Adventure Game Toy

Fun design inspires hours of playtime perfection for your kids!

Normal toys don't have that wow factor anymore, they don't seem to keep kids entertained for hours like they used to. The issue is most toys are not mentally stimulating enough for kids, they lose interest quickly so the toy needs to have more moving parts for the children to consistently discover something new.

The Car Adventure Game provides that solution and has a fresh new look for an educational toy. The Car Adventure Game does not need batteries and is a DIY operation, so you can allow your kids to enjoy time with their imagination and creativity.

  • EDUCATION: The Car Adventure Game is the best education toy on the market, by providing a fun way to improve their creative thinking to solve puzzles and move the car through.
  • SAFE MATERIAL: The Car Adventure Game is made from premium materials that are non-toxic, harmless and safe for your kids to use and play with.
  • DESIGN: The Car Adventure Game was designed perfectly with all the small finishes and the smooth work to every piece, the Car Adventure Game is a true piece of art for kids to enjoy.
  • FUN: The best part of the Car Adventure Game is that your kids will have a blast, learn and improve after every use.
  • 9 LEVELS: The Car Adventure Game has 9 levels to get through and will provide a long period of playtime.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 33 x 32.5 x 18cm
  • Outer Case: 8 PCS
  • Color: Sky Blue, Blue Green, Blue
  • Suitable for Age: Above 3 Years Old
  • 1 x Set of Car Adventure Game
  • 3 x Cars
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