Bubble Bath Maker

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Bubble Bath Maker


Mommies and Daddies, your baby’s bath time has now become more fun this time! No more fuss and cries when its baby’s bath time.

Bubble Bath Maker is a fascinating and adorable bubble maker that can make loads of bubbles. Just put it on the wall and pour water and bath cream in container, and you you can get many bubbles. By making lots of bubbles, kids would really love to take a bath.

This bubble maker is crated like a toy crab, so that kids will love playing with the bubbles created by this fun and adorable bubble maker! Young ones will love bubbles flying from the crab's mouth! Regardless of the weather outside, your kids can feel the fun of summer as they play with a bed of bubbles! Install it on your bathroom wall and let the bubbles blow over them in the bath!

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