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Open wine bottles faster than you've ever try!

Open wine as easy and as fast as you've ever experienced! Powered by air this wine opener simply pulls air into the bottle when pumped and pops the cork out using air pressure technology. The cork isn't split and you don't have to tug or pull to remove it. Opening and saving your wine was never so easy or fun. 

    • Air Pressure Bottle Opener - open the wine bottle easily and fast, preventing from hurting your hand in the operation and without damage to the wooden cork
    • Wine Pourer - prevent wine leakage when you are pouring the wine out
    • Wine Vacuum Stopper - preserve the leftover wine flavor, keep it fresh about 7 days
    • Foil Cutter - for easily and perfectly cutting the silver paper of the wine bottle
    • Food-grade Material: safe and healthy to use Practical to use, these Requisite Wine Tools are perfect for wine enthusiasts and professional sommelier

    Important Note:

    • Do not hold the Bottle Rocket Wine Opener guard (the plastic shield surrounding the interior needle) during operation. Hold the belly of the wine bottle (not the neck) with one hand while pumping the Bottle Rocket Wine Opener with the other hand.
    • Do not press the plastic needle guard against the wine bottle itself. Holding the Bottle Rocket against the wine bottle during operation can prevent removal of the cork, resulting in excessive buildup of air pressure. Too much pressure inside the wine bottle can lead to bottle rupture and injury from broken glass.
    • If the cork is embedded too deeply into the wine bottle, the Bottle Rocket Wine Opener may not function properly. For proper operation, the needle must pierce entirely through the cork.
    • Do not pierce the same cork more than once. Piercing the cork more than once can allow air to escape, preventing removal of the cork
    • Material: Aluminum

    • Size: 19.5 (H)*5.0 (W) CM

        Package Includes:
        • Wine opener
        • Wine pourer
        • Foil cutter
        • Vacuum Sealer
        • Instructions
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